Thursday, July 25, 2013

In 1086, Mortlake is Recorded in The Doomsday Book

The Doomsday Book
"While spending the Christmas time of 1085 in Gloucester, William [King William I, of England] had deep speech with his counselors and sent men all over England to each shire to find out what or how much each landholder had in land and livestock, and what it was worth" (Anglo-Saxon Chronicle). This information was collected and recorded in a book which became known as the Doomsday Book. ---- John Dee
In 1086, we find an entry in the Doomsday Book for Mortlage, an area in London held by Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury. Fast forward to the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England, and Mortlage - now called Mortlake - becomes occupied for thirty years by the Queen’s personal advisor and spy, John Dee. It is he who will have a powerful influence on Elizabeth, and therefore impact world history from that time forward. - Lianne Drysdale

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