Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Theatrum Mundi Releases The Eyes of the Realm

The Eyes of the Realm is a rock opera about the original 007, a man named John Dee, who oversaw England's first spy network for Queen Elizabeth I. Our story begins in 1597, when England and Spain are vying for world domination. The Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition is searching for an ancient Greek device that is rumored to predict the future. John Dee sends his best spies, the assassin Oswan and the beautiful thief Viana, deep undercover in the Inquisition in order to find it first. But they share a secret past and must reconcile their feelings for each other while facing the horrors of the Tribunal dungeons.

Theatrum Mundi first formed in 1991 when the trio of Michael Ray Gould, Li'Anne Drysdale, and Todd Easton self-released an limited run of an album of symphonic metal in Springfield, Missouri. Their idea was to combine the symphonic rock of Renaissance and early Moody Blues with the metal of Queensryche. Years later, after hearing the music of Nightwish and Evanescence they realized they had been part of a musical zeitgeist, and decided to reform the band with new players.
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